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Hemink Groep
More than 45 applications!

For generations, Hemink Group has been known for their core values: committed, decisive, creative and pragmatic. What once started as a painting company is now a nationally operating real estate director that focuses on the full life cycle of real estate projects. Their mission is predictable and affordable maintenance and renovation of real estate, while their vision focuses on being the best all-round real estate partner for various clients in the Netherlands.


Hemink Group started by only bringing 1 or 2 vacancies to our attention. However, the success was so great that we now carry out full digital recruitment for them. Thanks to our expertise in target group targeting, we have achieved significant results: In 4 months, we achieved more than 285,000 impressions on 6 vacancies via Google Ads, with 2892 clicks and, most importantly, 45 valuable applications.

Our collaboration with Hemink Group shows how effective digital marketing can lead to tangible results. With our strategic approach we ensure that vacancies are not only seen, but also actually lead to applications from qualified candidates. Through targeted Google Ads campaigns, we have reached the right target group and set up a strong recruitment process

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