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Brunen Pro is part of the Brunen Traffic College in Enschede, aimed at professionals. Traffic College Brünen was founded in 1961. The focus at Brünen Pro is on offering tailor-made training for drivers, focused on driving skills, transport, safety, well-being and vitality.


At Brunen pro we started the journey towards digital growth in 2022. We started with a strategic session at Brunen, which meant that we spent a day at Brunen's office. We are temporary 'colleagues' and take a look into their kitchen. This enables us to not only devise effective marketing routes, but also to seamlessly connect with Brunen Professional's unique identity and needs. Our paths parted ways in 2023, only to reunite in 2024.

Jelle Achterweust, marketer, is involved with Brünen for the implementation. Jelle has an extensive past in search engine marketing, which is why he is the perfect marketer to take this route. Joost Lansink was responsible for mapping out the route to be taken.

In our journey with Brunen Professional we use social media advertisements. We focus on business target groups through Meta and LinkedIn ads, to encourage companies and professionals to take courses and driving training through Brünen. We bring the driving school to the attention of various target groups on social media, which has significantly increased online visibility and involvement.

In the digital world of search engines, we use SEA for Brunen Professional. With Google Ads we take the role of a signpost, so that potential customers can quickly find the driving school. Our strategy focuses on relevant searches and optimization, resulting in increased website traffic and better chances of conversions. For example, in 3 months we generated 93,607 views via Google Ads and thus 3967 clicks. This online expedition with Brunen allows us to not only reach the destination but also to enrich the journey with valuable insights and growth, with success: “I am extremely satisfied with the collaboration with Innomads to expand the online presence of Verkeersschool Brunen strengthen. Their innovative approach and expertise have really made a difference in expanding our reach and engaging potential students. The Innomads team is not only professional, but also very friendly and helpful. They really took the time to understand our specific needs and created advertising campaigns that fit our goals perfectly.” Steven Brunen, February 2024

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