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Beimer Premium, founded in 1957, is a family business that has its origins in a passion for meat. From its own slaughterhouse it has grown into a modern meat production company in Enschede, where high quality and an extensive range are produced. Transparency, honesty and attention to animal welfare are central to their business philosophy. With stores in Enschede, Hengelo, Almelo, Oldenzaal and Arnhem, and a webshop with delivery service, Beimer Premium offers customers easy access to their tasty products.


Long ago the paths of Innomads and Beimer crossed each other. In those early years, only Innovisions, a segment of Innomads, was involved in capturing the production lines of the Beimer factory in a video. A year and a half later, our paths met again, this time for the digital marketing of Beimer's stores.

The challenge was crystal clear: while the store in Enschede had found its place, Beimer Meat was about to open its doors in new locations in Oldenzaal and Almelo. With Jelle as Digital Guide, we focus on Cross-Media Social Advertising via Facebook & Instagram. 

Our job was to appeal to a wider audience and attract more people to these new locations. We achieved this through Meta Ads on Facebook and Instagram, with a simple but clear message: come to our stores! In order to measure our contribution to Beimer's store visits, we have set 'requesting directions' as the conversion.

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