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Founded in 2017 by Luuk Hesselink when he was able to 'put away' friends on the farm, but now has more than 100 temporary workers: Hesselink B.V. They are committed to employee and employer satisfaction through real commitment. With a family atmosphere, supported by recommendations from friends and family, Hesselink B.V. distinguishes itself. himself. They value temporary workers as valuable team members and grow with a young, dedicated team. Their focus on transparency, personal bonding and flexibility helps companies and guarantees quality.


Our journey with Hesselink B.V. starts in early 2023, when Luuk comes into contact with Cas Busscher. Cas is Creative Director within Innomads and Innovisions and therefore responsible for all content (photo, video, graphics). There is plenty of work, just no staff. And let us be specialists in conveying the right message to the right target group.

Cas and Luuk have known each other since the founding of Hesselink B.V. where Cas was responsible for the corporate identity and social media in the early years. This laid the foundation for 2 routes that eventually came together again at Innomads in 2023. 

In collaboration with Joost (strategy) and Timo Paus (execution), a route has been devised that focuses on fast results and a lot of traffic: Search Engine Optimization. Before we embark on the digital path with Hesselink B.V. followed, 6 conversions were achieved in one year. After our leap into the digital deep end, we managed to achieve 17 conversions in the first months. By continuously adjusting the course, we now achieve more than 70 conversions (contact forms and telephone calls) in 3 months.

In addition, Cas manages the organic social media from Innovisions and they have worked for Hesselink B.V. drawn up an extensive employer branding plan, including corporate photography and a series of videos.

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