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TIBN (Technisch Installatiebureau Nederland), founded in 1973, grew from a mechanical installer to a total technical service provider. With a focus on B2B customers such as cultural centers (Museum Volkenkunde or Muiderslot) and office buildings (Vrije Universiteit), they strive for sustainable solutions for a healthy living environment. Based in Maarsbergen and Zoetermeer, they believe in long-term collaborations and sustainable relationships with customers and team members.


At TIBN, with the involvement of Joost Lansink (strategy) and Timo Paus (Digital Guide) from Innomads, our team provides a journey through the digital landscape in the field of Social Media Advertising via LinkedIn Ads and Search Engine Advertising (SEA) via Google Ads . Just like nomads who plan their route based on the changing environment, we understand the importance of Social Media Advertising to identify our target group and promote products or services in a targeted manner. LinkedIn provides an effective space for reaching business audiences. With SEA we go further than just being visible; our ads appear above and below organic search results. Google Ads act as our guides, increasing TIBN's visibility. In just two weeks, the ads were shown more than 10,000 times, with 350 clicks and an impressive Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 3.5%.

Innomads also plays a role in shaping plans for TIBN's new website. Working with Clevermellow, we completed the launch in early 2024. In consultation with TIBN, we jointly explore goals, vision and areas such as design, user experience and functionality. Our goal is simply this: the new website should serve as a welcoming place for our target group. A place where they feel unobtrusively at home, with a subtly improved online presentation and user experience, like a well-considered path on an unforgettable journey.

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Innomads is altijd op zoek naar nieuwe Digital Guides om onze wegen over digitale bergen te bewandelen. Heb jij het in je om onze klanten te gidsen naar online successen en bedrijfsgroei? Neem dan contact op met Innomads.