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Kato Projecten
Lead growth of 50% in one year
Added value in 2022
€5M +
Lead growth in 1 year

Kato provides complete and ready-to-use office and project furnishing, distinguishing itself by having all disciplines under one roof. From furniture delivery to tailor-made facilities such as a pantry or reception, the team ensures a smooth project that contributes to the success of the company. With attention to function, atmosphere and experience, they create inspiring working environments and beautiful furnishings, in collaboration with local and international partners for high-quality materials at a good price. In short, KATO, That. Works. Tasty.


At Kato Projecten- en Office Furnishing we take a special route in the world of digital marketing. From the beginning of Innomads' founding, Kato has been part of the leadgrowth journey. Timo Paus and Jelle Achterweust, in collaboration with Joost Lansink (CEO and HEAD-of-Strategy), have played a key role in shaping this digital journey.

Through (financial) analyses, innovative concepts and drawing up annual marketing strategy plans, we have already generated 100 leads in 2021. In 2022, the journey accelerated with a remarkable growth of 50%, resulting in 150 leads and an added value of at least 5 million euros for Kato. 

Innomads goes one step further than traditional digital marketing activities. For Kato we offer the Corporate Branded Office Concept as a valuable addition to the office furnishing world. We coordinate the online presence as experienced guides and manage branding, social media, SEO, SEA, and Social Media Advertising.

However, the journey goes beyond digital boundaries; Innomads is also involved in Officelab, an innovative comparison platform for meeting and calling units, developed in close collaboration with Kato.

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Innomads is altijd op zoek naar nieuwe Digital Guides om onze wegen over digitale bergen te bewandelen. Heb jij het in je om onze klanten te gidsen naar online successen en bedrijfsgroei? Neem dan contact op met Innomads.