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9 B2B quotes in 3 months
B2B quotes in 3 months
Clicks in 3 months

Technoplanning, which specializes in interior design and planning, particularly in the healthcare sector, is responsible for planning and executing technical aspects of interior projects, such as engineering, production and assembly. Their aim is to ensure that the interior exactly meets the customer's wishes. At home and abroad.


With a strategic view, we have led Technoplanning on a journey to online visibility and success. We have optimized international advertising in the Netherlands and Germany through SEO, SEA, LinkedIn Ads, conversion optimization, strategy, lead management and video marketing. We have mapped out the paths and chosen the right routes to reach and involve their target group.

Throughout this journey, we generated nearly 150,000 ad views and over 6,000 clicks in the last quarter of 2023. These numbers reflect the effectiveness of our approach and demonstrate the impact of our strategies. Through our targeted campaigns, we helped Technoplanning to receive 9 valuable quotation requests for new interior projects.

The success of this collaboration is the result of meticulous route planning, continuous optimization and taking the right paths. Through our expertise and dedication, we have helped Technoplanning strengthen their online presence and generate valuable leads. With every step we take together, we build a stronger and more successful brand.

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